Some of the most colourful reef fishes are small, rarely noticed or extremely secret. Best known are the fairy basslets, schooling planktivores that may cloud the water above reefs when feeding. Others live in the back of dark caves and disappear with the slightest disturbance. About 60 genera are presented here, covering several hundreds of species, including most species called Bass or Basslets, Hamlets and the related Soapfishes and Seaperch, as well as related familes that include the Grammas, Longfins, Blue Devils, Hulafishes and Scissortails. Comprehensively illustrated with hundreds of spectacular underwater photographs, the majority of which are published here for the first time. Information on behaviour, habitats, colour morphs and basic aquarium requirements for the various groups or species. Introduction to genera and subgenera and picture index pages for visual quick-find of genera, subgenera and species. Full index of common and scientific names of genera and species.

Rudie H Kuiter
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IKA 12