For the past 22 years, Pierre Constant has devoted his life to the cause of the Galapagos, a unique archipelago of the East Pacific. His earlier research already includes the best-selling book, The Galapagos Islands: A Natural History Guide, published in 1995. His first marine identification guide was published in 1992. In this revised edition of Marine Life of the Galapagos, Constant has thoroughly revised the book with amended text, updated information, new species and extraordinary biodiversity. A new chapter on the Galapagos Marine Reserve and the 1998 Master Plan has been added, dealing with protection and conservation issues. In 2002, Rodale’s Scuba Diving magazine (USA) 9th Annual Top 100 Awards rated the Galapagos in their Gold List as the Best Dive Destination in the world. For the Indo-Pacific region, the Galapagos Islands were rated Best Dive Destination overall, best fish life, healthiest marine environment, best big animals dive, best advanced diving, and second best value after the Cocos Islands. The Islands were rated top dive site in both 2000 and 2002. Volcanic hotspot, equatorial rendezvous of three major Pacific currents, El Nino-La Nina events, the Galapagos are truly unique, with 460 species of fish and 11 per cent endemism. For divers and photographers alike, it is a fabulous experience without comparison elsewhere in the world.

Pierre constant
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