Coffee-table books full of outstanding underwater photographs appear at relatively infrequent intervals, largely because of the cost of publication and therefore the cover price. Critters, by Swiss-born, Germany-based Monique Walker, is no exception when it comes to price, but two things distinguish Critters from most other books of its kind.
The first is that many of the pictures are shot, not in the crystal-clear waters of coral reefs but in seas with poorer visibility – over seagrass beds, sandy and even muddy bottoms.
A growing number of photographers have discovered that some remarkable and little-known marine animals are to be found, often well-camouflaged, in such habitats, and Walker has a talent for finding and capturing them on film.
The beautiful images that result are enhanced by the second difference between this and other such books, which is the imaginative and attractive design of each spread, sometimes focusing on body parts as well as the creatures as a whole.
Critters is not yet available in Britain, and regrettably its projected price is likely to prove its drawback.      Kendall McDonald

Monique Walker
58.00 €
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