Manus is the forgotten province of Papua New Guinea, the last frontier where tourism would never go, simply because « nothing was there ». This book aims to change this image of Manus and exposes an unknown wonderland by recording some of the diving expeditions and explorations led by Pierre Constant over a period of eight years (1990-1998). In the most remote corners of the Admiralty Island, French-born naturalist and underwater photographer Pierre Constant, known as “Kisokau” by the islanders, opens a door to the marvels of diving in Manus. Complemented with a text on natural history and human history, Manus, Lost World of the Titans features stunning photographs that reveal the colourful and vivid experiences of Pierre’s dive explorations in the region. An important year for marine awareness and conservation, 1998 has been declared “year of the oceans” by the United Nations, to arouse people’s consciousness to planet level. Manus, Lost World of the Titans is a small contribution which will add to our knowledge of this once forgotten archipelago in the Bismarck Sea. The underwater around Manus has to be recognised and protected right from the beginning. As a diving pioneer in the region, Kisokau is well qualified to present Manus as a new destination that will attract divers from around the world.

Pierre Constant
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